At Organic Living we aim to provide high quality food grown without synthetic chemicals. Organic food is proven to have high nutritional value. Consumers of organic food can feel confident that their immune systems are stronger and their chances of getting illnesses are less. Organic growing looks after the soil, worms and micro-organisms, the water supply and the air we breathe. Pollution of the planet is causing great concern to scientists and the consumer and should be worrying the health authorities, as diseases like cancer are becoming commonplace. Our shop could be called an alternative supermarket of natural and organic foods which we have made affordable by buying in bulk and repacking with our label.  Our slogan is ‘Healthy Food = Healthy People’ and our busy shop encourages customers to take control of their own health and eat nutritious food grown without the use of synthetic chemicals.




Martin & Pleasance IBS relief provides temporary relief of Irritable bowel syndrome, abdominal bloating and discomfort, and urgent bowel movements. $17.50 for 25ml spray.

















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