Organic Living stocks a full range of organic food, food for specific diets as well as supplements, beauty and cleaning products. We stock:

Fresh organic produce including seasonal fruits and vegetables, bread, milk, cheese, yoghurt and quark, beef and chicken

Organic goods such as sauces, dips, oils, grains, flours, teas, honeys, snack foods, cereals, nuts, seeds, dried fruits and pet food; from companies like Planet Organic, NZ Biograins, Rapunzel, and Ceres

Gluten free products including bread, pastas, grains, flours, pies, slices, biscuits and cakes from suppliers such as Orgran, Freedom Foods, CuisAnn, Dovedale, Casalare, Thoroughbread, Purebread and Bob’s Red Mill.

Food for special diets for example natural sugar substitutes; dairy free products such as cheese, milk, yoghurt, cream &  spreads, gluten-free pies, slices and biscuits; soy-free products; plus a large range of vegetarian and vegan products including tofu, tempeh and vegetarian sausages

Vitamins, minerals and supplements including homeopathic remedies; from companies such as Lifestream, Malcolm Harker, Go Healthy, Thompsons, Weleda, Artemis, Kiwiherb, Good Health, Skybrite, Nature’s Way and Inner Health

Skin and hair care including essential oils; from the likes of The Herb Farm, Living Nature, Kereru, Tui, The Honey Collection, Plantae, Andalou, Avalon Organics, Giovanni and Karen Murrell

Dried Herbs for using in teas and tinctures such as milk thistle, chamomile, peppermint and St John’s Wort. See our FAQ page for more information on how to use some of our herbs we stock.

Cleaners and household products from Ecover, Orchard Organics and Global Soaps

Seedlings, seeds and plant food

For any product enquiries please call us on 06 353 0549 or email or come in and see us!


Ionza Alka Jugs are a great way to alkalise your body by alkalising tap water. They also add minerals and antioxidants to your water, help purify it and make it taste great. Includes a free filter cartridge lasting 300 litres.





Amazonia Raw protein isolate powders are made from sprouted, bio-fermented pea and rice protein for extra nutrition and digestibility. They contain only natural flavours like vanilla, lacuma, cacao and coconut, and include new Slim and Tone to aid in weight management.


Andalou Naturals BB (Beauty Balm) cream is your summer essential product. Using its Fruit Stem Cell  Science to brighten and even skin tone and nourish the skin, this cream is also SPF30!  It is also available in a sheer tint meaning you can wear it instead of foundation or as a base.




Ceres green banana flour  is a great grain free-flour suitable for baking, for those on a paleo  or AIP diet. 




Derma Lab is a range of  products  designed and made in New Zealand  especially for dry and sensitive skin, using all natural ingredients. The range contains a face and body wash, moisturiser,  treatment oil, shampoo and conditioner.



Clinical trials of Go Healthy’s new Cholesterol Shield have shown a reduction in cholesterol levels in just two weeks. These capsules can also be taken safely with prescribed statins.




Daily Organics  Kombucha is the newest edition to our kombucha family! New Zealand -made and certified organic. In Original and Winter flavours and two sizes.




Niche’s food-grade Diatomaceous Earth has so many uses. It is a natural source of silica making it great for  bones, tendons, skin, nails and teeth. It is also a natural internal cleanser (eg of parasites) and detoxer, especially of metals.  This makes it a useful treatment for  skin conditions such as eczema.


ECOtanka water bottles, made from stainless steel are BPA -free, easy to wash and long lasting.




Flaveur Bread is a range of slow rise, sourdough, low yeast and salt, no sugar or dairy and super tasty bread! The range uses organic flours and includes spelt, rye and gluten free flours, and a beautiful superfood loaf.  It is fresh in store every Wednesday.



Global Soap Soap Nuts are native to Nepal & India where they have been used for centuries. They are actually a fruit, growing on the Sapindus Mukorossi tree. The fruits are the size of a honey coloured cherry, containing the substance Saponin – which is nature’s own detergent. When the nuts  ripen and fall from the tree, local families harvest and deseed them. The shells are then dried in the sun, using absolutely no chemical or manufacturing processes.  The nuts come with a small calico bag.  For a standard wash, simply place 3-5 nuts in a the bag and put into into the washing machine with your clothes, and wash as normal.  No detergent needed! After 4-6 washes, replace the nuts with fresh ones, and put the old ones into your compost bin.


The Herb Farm introduces a beautiful new ‘Lasting Beauty’ anti-ageing skincare range made largely with quality New  Zealand ingredients such as kiwiseed, blackcurrant and hazelnut. Designed by Lynn herself this range is leaves the skin soft and hydrated. The full range consists of a cleanser,  hydrating mist, exfoliator, serum, face oil and face cream.





Martin & Pleasance IBS relief provides temporary relief of Irritable bowel syndrome,abdominal bloating and discomfort, and urgent bowel movements. $17.50 for 25ml spray.






Little Bird organics – Looking for gluten-free, sugar -free, raw and spectacularly tasty treats? New Zealand company little bird takes the best raw organic fruits, nuts and seeds available, mixes them with a touch of creative genius and the result is incredibly delicious snacks and cereals that are bursting with nutritional goodness.  We have little bird crackers, cereal, macaroons and trail mixes in store now!




Living Nature Tinted Moisturiser combines daily skin protection and sheer coverage in one product.  It comes in three shades and can be used on its own as a light foundation, or with powder for extra coverage.

Long Life Laundry Balls do not fade colours or damage delicate fabrics, and no fabric conditioner is necessary. And as there is no soap the rinse cycle can be eliminated,  saving water and electricity. And they last for 3 years or 1000 washes! The balls also come with a complimentary stain remover stick and 2 tumbler dryer balls.




Mad Millie cheese making kits are both useful and fun! We have kefir-making, fresh cheese (such as mozzarella and ricotta) making and greek yoghurt-making kits in store now. We also have vegetarian rennet tablets.



Natural Abundance crackers are gluten-free, raw and paleo, and come in new flavours like Walnut, Methi & Black Pumpkin Seed and Almond,  Pumpkin & Rosemary. 



Niugini Organic introduces organic, raw, virgin and fair-traded coconut oil grown and produced in Papua New Guinea, and sold in beautiful reusable jars.





Nuzest introduces two fabulous products to Organic Living. Good Green Stuff  is a power combo of nutrient-dense greens, fruits, veggies and berries with added vitamins and other goodies to make it a complete daily supplement. Clean Lean Protein is a  nearly 90% protein powder made from Golden Pea Protein – one of the most highly absorbed proteins—and it is alkaline!




Olivado Avocado Oil is a premium, extra virgin, organic cold-pressed oil  which makes a superb food dressing or cooking oil and  is also an extremely healthy product that can assist in lowering cholesterol levels and help in the fight against heart disease.

Olivado Omega Plus Oil is an absolutely delicious, perfectly balanced blend of extra virgin avocado, olive and flaxseed oils, carefully selected and blended to produce an optimal combination of omega 9, 6, & 3 fatty acids, designed to keep your heart beating strong.




Pana chocolate is raw, organic, free from gluten, dairy, cane sugar, and very delicious! With beautiful flavours such as fig & wild orange, sour cherry & vanilla, coconut & goji, and mint.  So rich a little goes a long way!


Radico Colour Me Organic Hair Colour uses only certified organic henna and other ayurvedic herbs to create different shades of hair colour. 100% natural, it covers greys, leaves you hair feeling lustrous and lasts up to 30 days. In soft black, dark brown, copper brown, burgundy and mahogany.




Real Deal Hurt Crème is specifically designed to help reduce pain and inflammation, to stimulate circulation and encourage tissue repair.  It is especially suitable for strained muscles and sports injuries, and can be used  as a  pre-event and post-event application.  But it is great for all aches and pains, including headaches and neck aches.  This New Zealand made crème is an allergy free product  containing organically grown herbs, essential oils and natural carrier oils.

Shivachi organic cotton bags  fold down into a smaller bag, and have a  beautiful pattern that comes in four different colours.

Stophair is a 100% natural hair inhibiting spray.  Safe and easy to use, Stophair  is a unique product  that can be used in conjunction with an other methods of hair removal. It is permanent and comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

Nature’s Way System Well Ultimate Immunity tablets are a unique blend of herbs and nutrition  designed specifically to boost your immune system.  Great for warding off change of season ills and hayfever.

Weleda body lotions come with beautiful fragrances of Wild Rose, Pomegranate, Sea Buckthorn and Citrus.  One for all skin types, these would make the perfect gift.

You can have your lip gloss and eat it  with Weleda’s new range of 100% natural sheer tinted lip balms.




Wellington Chocolate Factory chocolate is  made from freshly roasted, stoneground , organic, ethically traded beans.








Zenian Coconut Amino Sauce is like a sweet soy sauce and is ideal for using in stir fries, marinades, or anywhere you would uses soy or teriyaki sauce. But it is soy free! It is also free of sugar cane, msg, gluten and dairy.






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